Are Plaid a grown up party yet ?

The problem Plaid Cymru finds itself in when it comes to the Welsh Assembly is a difficult one for any political party, but for one who has no real experience or expectation of power outside of a small handful of councils, it is causing a real headache.

The options for Plaid are a Rainbow coalition with the Tories and Lib Dems, a coalition they would lead or a coalition with Labour where Labour would lead. And there in lies the problem. To lead or to follow.

Ordovicius' excellent blog asks whether Plaid have lost the plot. There are clearly some in Plaid, and Peter Black feels that they are in the minority, who see Plaid Cymru as an alternative or even an accompaniment to Labour. They see Plaid Cymru as a left wing party, full stop.

What it also shows is that there are some in Plaid who lack the moral will, lack conviction and lack the guts to go for it and lead Wales. Instead, they want to sit back on ride on Labour's coat tails.

But Ordovicius makes another good point in highlighting that while Plaid have continued discussions, messing both Labour and the Rainbow Coalition around, they might just find that everyone will be sick of them and nobody will deal with them.

It is time for Plaid to grow up and show whether they are up to the job.


Anonymous said...

HERE's what updates emmerged from Ieuan Wyn Jones and Mike German's appearances on the Politics Show today.

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PS thanks for the compliment!

Norfolk Blogger said...

No problem. It is an enlightening blog and not patronising in any way.