Another example of how Labour has failed the NHS

At the moment I seem to have a lot of issues with the NHS. Not with the staff, I should make clear straight away, but with the way it is run and organised.

I have blogged before about my wife's pregnancy and wrote about the time we spent in hospital last week. My wife was kept in over night and was let home on Saturday after we waited several hours for a consultant. We waited several hours because there was only one consultant and she kept being called away because people kept coming in to give birth, and could therefore not be kept waiting. We understood this, but were acutely aware of the chronic under staffing in the maternity department.

The real issue though that I blog about today is what the consultant told us, and why it isn't happening. My wife was told she needed another scan on the baby and this needed to be done before next Friday when the Consultant wants to see her again.

So guess when the scan can be done at the earliest ? Not for two weeks ! It's astonishing isn't it. The consultant says you need an urgent scan but you cannot have one for two weeks.

Thanks Tony Blair. Your legacy will, for us, be one of waiting, stress and lots of hassle because of the way you have messed up the NHS.


Tristan said...

This is one thing you cannot blame on (this) Labour administration. It is not Labour's management of the NHS which is at fault but the whole structure and setup and idea of the NHS.

True, we don't have to pay anything at point of delivery, but the side effect of that is services are rationed by waiting times not cost.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Good points, but when Labour claim to have fixed the NHS, they need to accept that they haven't. Far from it in fact.