Why are the British media giving credence to Alexei Lugovoi's accusations ?

Alexei Lugovoi, the prime suspect in the death of Alexander Litvinenko, today attempted to pass the buck and make accusations that Litvinenko was killed by the British Secret Service.

What I am interested to know is why the British media have led on this story all day.

As I see it, a prime suspect for a murder has sought to pass the buck and blame someone else. Is this really the only news around today ?

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IanP said...

I actually think that this story is important.

Following Litvinenko's death, the security services and the UK press made a big play of the dangers of Polonium 210, followed immediately for more calls from John Reid for more powers.

One thing that was played down during this time of terror scare tactics was the involvement of the British Embassy in Moscow.


This does need investigating, and if Lugovoi has information to impart, it needs to come out.

I would hate to think that the British Government would stoop so low as to use the death of a Russian immigrant for political gain, but as we have already seen from the reports of the NI ombudsmen, on the illegal involvement of the security services during the troubles, it is not beyond the bounds of belief.

If there is a story here, it needs airing. We need to be able to trust our security services, not have such suspicions covered up.