When being fat is your greatest worry

When so many people in Iraq worry where there next meal will come from will they get home safely from work or school or will they still have electricity for more than two hours tonight, how refreshing to know that their leader never goes short of food.

If I was Iraqi president I'm sure I would have other things to worry about more then my weight. Perhaps it's comfort eating that is his problem.


nikki said...

i feel sorry for those people in iraq, and their leader whateva his name is, is a fat sod. thing is being fat is certainly my biggest worry! gettin fat is kinda crucial. if id dont keep at 7stone and size 6 i wont get any work..... so yeh being fat is like my biggest worry ever!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I've been stressed I have always lost weight. I'd have thought being Iraqi president would be stressful enough !