What is the point of a electing a Tory if this is what happens ?

Liberal England has pointed out the farcical situation in North Devon where the Tories made a big deal about their majority of one on the council and their gains in the local elections.

Despite their success, four Tories failed to turn up to the Annual meeting of the council, resulting in an all party executive being elected.

Tory voters in Devon will have ponder what the point is in electing Tories and giving them a majority if they don't even turn up for meetings.

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Justin Hinchcliffe said...

NB, there may be some very good reasons why some of them didn't attend - think it's too early to properly judge them. You're in danger of becoming another Mark Pack if you contuinue to run the feeble kind of stories!

What I do know is, that despite a tiny Labour majority of 3, there has never a 100% turnout by Lib Dem councillors on Haringey Council...