Tory PPC made to sound like an idiot on Radio Five Live

How excited the Tory PPC for Berwick must have been when she knew she was going to get five minutes on Radio Five Live this afternoon, and how quickly her mood must have changed after she made herself sound so foolish.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan came on to the radio to talk about the nuclear issue (which she supported) and against wind farms. When questioned by the presenter, it appeared though that she opposed wind farms only in her area (Berwick) and only supported nuclear power if it was outside her constituency. As she sounded more and more like the very worst kind of NIMBY, she was asked if she was a hypocrite because her party leader wanted more wind power generators. At this point she again repeated "but not in this area".

The interviewer at this point wound up the interview swiftly and sounded deeply unimpressed.

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