Tory attempts to censor Diana documentary show a lack of judgment

Why do the Tories feel they have to be the moral guardians of the nation ? Why is it that Tory spokesman Hugo Swire feels that censorship of the press is the way to safeguard Princess Diana's memory ? Put simply, what gives the Tories the right to demand that a TV show they have not seen be axed ?

Hugo Swire himself said;

"It should be remembered that Diana, as well was being a public figure, was a mother. This kind of coverage must be deeply distressing to Princes William and Harry."

What kind of coverage ? Has he seen the show or is he simply acting on rumour ? If he is, is it appropriate to act on hear say ?

Whilst Conservative Lord St John of Fawsley, told The Observer: "I thought Diana was going to be left in peace, but Channel 4 is doing this for ratings or commercial gain and it's really horrible."

I'm sorry Lord St John, but that is called commercial television. Your party set up Channel Four as a commercial channel with a remit to make money and not be subsidised and now you oppose them fulfilling their remit.

The producers of the show say that in any photos used of the crash, nobody is recognisable and that the documentary has been made sensitively. Channel Four has a god record when it comes to making such shows, it is the ten year anniversary of Diana's death and I fail to see the problem.


Darren G. Lilleker said...

Possibly the problem is the reason for doing this programme. If a piece of real investigative journalism from which we learn something then fine. If it is simply something designed to be controversial that stirs up media attention and so wins them advertising revenue, perhaps not. Maybe Hugo Swire is correct, I would not like to a see pictures of my mother's dying moments broadcast on television (hard to imagine it happening but all the same, it does trample on feelings). Yes they are the royal family, yes they are in the public eye, but they are also human. It is right that they are scrutinised as public servants, but there must be some boundaries. As you say it is ten years, so why dig it up again as well? Just a thought!

Norfolk Blogger said...

But Channel Four have made it clear that it will not feature Diana in the tunnel in any pictures, that is the problem as I see it. hugo Swire appears to be working from hear say evidence having not seen it.