Tories worried in Taverham

It was noticeable today that the Tories, particularly in Taverham North have decided that street litter is the new way to win voters. Presumably the illegal fly posting they are doing by fixing poster boards to street signs and on other land owned by County highways is a sign of their desperation.

I guess I will have to contact the council to ask if the Conservatives actually have permission to hang their poster boards from street signs and street lamps that were put in by the District Council, county and Parish Councils.

Of course, it could be a sign that they are a little bit worried in Taverham North about their chances ?

It would have been so much nicer if they Tories had actually bothered to do more than one awful leaflet rather than flyposting. And yet, they might, and should hold the seats in Taverham North despite their inept campaign. Obviously I wish the Lib Dems well here as a the wok they have put in has put the Tories to shame and probably explains their street littering last night.

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