Scots Lib Dems make the right decision - Now for Wales

After my plea yesterday to the Lib Dems in Scotland to sit in opposition and give up any chance of sharing power with the SNP and the Greens, I was delighted to read THIS this morning.

I am still concerned about Wales where it is clear Lembit Opik seems very keen on a deal with Labour . Oh dear !

Now I hope a number of Lib Dem council groups will take similar advice and avoid propping up council administrations. Because we take up the middle ground, Lib Dems often feel it is our moral duty to work with one or other of the main politics parties to share power. It isn't and we should learn this. the electorate neither thanks us or reward us for doing so, which has been shown so clearly in the results last Thursday,

So "Return to your wards and prepare for opposition !"

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Anonymous said...

I thought the whole point of the LibDems was to form co-alitions?

But your saying the whole point of them is to make sure no party can ever form a majority government?

Thats even worse.