Politicalbetting.com highlights new Tory campaigning technique towards Lib Dems - "Love bombing"

The Tories have, according to politicalbetting.com, decided that they get better results when they agree with the Lib Dems rather than bitterly opposing them.

According to the Tories, and an article in the Telegraph, Tory successes in Bournemouth and North Devon show that where they are seen to agree with the Lib Dems more than oppose, Lib Dem voters are more easily persuaded to vote with the Tories for a change. This tactic is apparently called "Love Bombing".

I'm not wholly convinced as in South Norfolk the Tories achieved some success by opposing the Lib Dems whilst in North Norfolk, much to my concern as a North Norfolk lib Dem councillor at the time, the Tories voted with the Lib Dems on virtually every major decision for three and a half years, only seeking to pick a fight on some issues with just weeks to go before the local elections.

Picking out anecdotal evidence of campaigns in just two areas seems to be very unscientific and smacks of a little bit of desperation.

My guess is that success in North Devon and Bournemouth were down to local circumstances. Certainly the general election results in both Bournemouth seats were disappointing whilst a number of high profile gaffes by the council which the Lib Dems had to take the blame for certainly added to the problems. As for North Devon, I would guess that a council that has been Lib Dem for so longer is bounder to have a blip, just look at Richmond in 2002, but they soon bounce back of their campaigning is up to date and all year round.

So as for the policy of "Love Bombing" is concerned, I think that election results are based far more on your ability to get your message across effectively, whatever your message is and has little to do with agreeing or disagreeing.

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jimS said...

I agree.

It is effective campaigning that works.