Last week I agreed with Cameron, this week it's Tebbit. What is happening ?

Last week I praised Cameron for opposing grammar schools. This week I am praising Norman Tebbit for his strident criticism of the Tory party.

Tebbit has claimed that the Conservatives under David Cameron are the party who are "able to implement new Labour policies most effectively", and he meant that not as a compliment.

I'm not sure all this criticism from the old right wing of the Tory party will do "Dave" any harm, but I always find it a little uncomfortable agreeing with Tories !


jailhouselawyer said...

And I thought that the dinosaur was extinct...

No post on the Magnificent Seven versus Two Poles? Shouldn't that senile old judge retire?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I had considered a post on this but thought the news too old now. It was appalling wasn't it. For all those who don't know it consisted of seven Norfolk boys kickingthe sh*t out of two poles on CCTV camera.

They were supposed to be ashamed of their actions but were seen to be less than ashamed upon leaving court having received only suspended sentences when they should have got jail.