Just what is needed right now in Gaza - More Israeli air strikes

I heard a member of Hamas on the radio this week blaming the breakdown of law and order in Gaza on the Israelis, claiming they were responsible for the factional infighting between Hamas and Fatah. At the time I took his comments to be a ludicrously poor excuse for what is a Palestinian issue.

However, when you read that the ceasefire is now just holding in Gaza and the Israelis are now carrying out a series of air strikes in the area, you have to ask what the Israeli motives are. Why start air strikes now ? To my mind it is as if Israel knows that it is likely to destabilise Gaza by doing so and this may start of a further wave of violence in Gaza.

The Hamas member on the radio last week may have bee mainly wrong in his assertion that Israel is completely to blame, but the point can certainly be made that Israeli has most to gain by seeing civil war in Gaza.

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Tom Papworth said...

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Hamas may be observing a ceasefire with Fatah, but are still firing rockets into Israeli towns.