Fortnightly bin collections - Which Tory councils do them ?

The Tories seem to be getting very excited about fortnightly (or alternative weekly) bin collections. However, they seem loathe to reflect on the fact that a number of Tory council's introduced fortnightly bin collections.

My own local council area, Broadland, for example, is Tory run, and whilst Tory run introduced fortnightly collections.

So does anyone know of a Tory Council near them that either introduced a fortnightly bin collection system or inherited such a system and now defends it as the right thing to do.

Please, let me know


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Any council that introduced it is in danger of getting thrown out. It was foolish to start, and a certain vote-loser.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I disagree. When I was on the panel in North Norfolk looking at the new waste contract, the difference between weekly collections and fornightly collections was over £1 million pounds per annum extra. this would, putting it simplisticly, mean an extra 25% on council tax to pay for this extra£1 miilion. I am pleased is is a price you are willing to pay. Actually, i have fortnightly collections here in Broadland and I don't know what he fuss is about.

Anonymous said...

Breckland (tory run) has fortnightly collections.

Anonymous said...

It might work in single dwelling homes, but in our Street in North London most of the houses are multi-occupied. With such a property boom showing no signs of a slow down it now seems popular to fill up whole houses with 7 or 8 flats for young couples.
Every week when our 3 allocated bins are put out I can tell you that they are bursting full of waste. I cant begin to imagine the gathering debris if fortnightly collections are passed by our local council.
Haven't the Tories learnt their lesson from unpopular ideas (Poll Tax.. etc).


Ian said...

Tory-run Leics County Council apparently want to force all the Districts in the county to go Fortnightly on a single contract.

Oadby & Wigston Borough have asked residents if they want to pay extra to keep the weeklies and they said yes.