Fakenham bomb leads to most obvious police advice of the year

The local news is full of today's events in Fakenham, my old council area, and the bomb incident in town.

It appears that a man who lives in Field Dalling, five miles from Fakenham in the countryside, heard an explosion in his garden last night and this morning found a device that looked like a large grenade. Upon finding this device, he put it in his van and took it to the police station in Fakenham.

Upon seeing what he had in his van, an exclusion zone was set up in Fakenham and a bomb disposal team was called. After several hours, the device was declared safe.

The day's events led to the police to make the following statement

"If you find an explosive device in your garden, please call the police rather than putting it in your car and bringing it to a busy town centre"

Well it seems obvious to me.

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