Exclusive - Eurovision Song Contest Voting Results Already Known

The votes and points allocations for tonight's Eurovision Song Contest are already known and available for anyone to read.

Estonia - Will give their 8, 9, 10 and 12 points to Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia
Latvia - Will give their 9, 10 and 12 points to Estonia, Lithuania and Russia
Lithuania - Will five their 10 and 12 points to Estonia and Latvia
Greece Will give their 12 points to Cyprus
Cyprus will give their 12 points to Greece
Norway - Will give high scores to Sweden and Denmark
Denmark - Will gave high scored to Norway, Iceland and Sweden
All the Balkan countries - Will vote for each other
All ex Soviet states - Will vote vote for each other

This EXCLUSIVE story is based on the fact that Eurovision is not song contest, but is instead a means of allocating high scores to your friends and to hell with the music.

Eurovision used to have some kind of merit, but now it is a sad joke of an event, with only Terry Wogan's tongue in cheek sarcastic comments making it even remotely worth watching.

Do I think the UK will win ? no, our song is rubbish. However, had The Beatles miraculously reformed and sung Let it Be, we'd still finish with a low score. Your position in the final scores bares no relation to the song your entrant sings.

It's time for the BBC to pull the plug on this farce and save themselves several million pounds a year.

Update : - For an excellent piece of research in to Eurovision bloc voting, read http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/9/2/1.html which highlights that with Moldova and belarus joining, any country outside of a voting bloc can never hope to win whilst countries like italy and Luxembourg have already quit Eurovision in disgust.


Paul Walter said...

By enlarge you are right (you ought to mention that Ireland and us now amazingly (given history) have a mutual appreciation society going) but some votes broke the mould. Malta gave us 12 votes. What's that about? Something about the George Cross and us helping them in the war perhaps?

Paul said...

Sorry Norfolk, but anyone who takes Eurovision seriously enough to slag it off has really lost the plot. It's pure entertainment, nothing more nor less.

Anonymous said...

Well this is a bit of a pointless post, you said that the Eurovision points were already known and then go on to say that points were going to be given to Estonia, they were knocked out in the semis, shame we weren't!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Sorry anonymous, but Estonia were still able to vote.

I actually saw the last ten rounds of voting and was able to predict votes exactly. For example, when Moldova voted I said to my wife "Ukraine, Russia and Romania", and I was right.

I'm sorry if Estonia were not there, but it does not negate my point that the BBC, as one of the three "big" contributors financially to Eurovision are wasting our money on it.

Liberal Neil said...

It IS the case that there is block voting.

BUT it's not enought to determine the winner.

Serbia was one of the best performances and won support across the map. Ukraine (not to my taste) was too.

Lordi did not win because of block voting last year and Israel would never have won if it was down to block voting and politics.

Niles said...

It's four big contributors not three :)

I did wonder whether it might be better to get the all the tiresome voting business out of the way before anyone actually heard any of the songs, then, knowing who's already won, we could enjoy the performances that bit more.

Chris Black said...

It would help if we actually entered a good song, sung by people with some kind of an international reputation. Coldplay? Katie Melua?

Yes, countries tend to vote for their neighbours, but there's more to the contest than that.....