Budgens sell food for people from Poland but not for me !

Excuse the blurred photo. Its a picture of an item from Budgens range 'Polish specialities'.
Very enterprising I am sure, and I suppose you have to take your hat of to Budgens marketing department for catering to the massive Polish migrant workforce in the UK at the moment. it is a shame though that they dint stock the zero percent yoghurt I wanted to buy.
Still, if Polish sour soup is your thing, Budgens is the place for you !


Anonymous said...

zero percent yoghurt? Isn't that just an empty pot? ;-)

However, assuming you are an omnivore, I suggest the old 'if you can't beat them, join them' solution.

Get hold of some pork knuckles (one per person). Boil (until cooked) in salted water, then pop into a hot (Gas mark 8) oven to crisp up for about 20 mins. Remember to score the skin to get nice crackling.

Serve with polish mustard, pickles (especially the cucumber things), and napkins (you can't eat this in a polite manor).

Great for hangovers. IIRC this is a Germanic recipe but I've had it in Poland, Czech Republic, etc, and it isn't the same without the pickles. Dijon will do at a push for the mustard if you are stuck.

Norfolk Blogger said...

They had the sausages in there and the Polish Mustard toom but the Polish cucumbers were in brine, not vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Them's the ones ~ thus they aren't pickles ~ my bad.

Paul Walter said...

Worth a letter to the Daily Express I think....