Would Gordon have told George it was "inexcusable" ?

One would have hoped that with Gordon Brown meeting George W Bush a few days ago in Washington that the Americans might have been more forthcoming in providing help, assistance and evidence in the case of the inquest in to the death of eight UK service personnel. Unfortunately, the so called "special relationship" between the UK and the US does not extend to helping families of service personnel learn the truth about how exactly their loved ones died.

There is, you see, a big question mark over how they died. The US later backed by the MOD, put it down to pilot error. However, the enquiry held by 3 Commando Platoon indicated mechanical failure. The Americans, it seems, do not care one jot how it happened and are preventing any information being released that might help.

It seems the lesson is if you want to know how your loved ones die when serving the UK government, just pray to god they are no where near the Americans or in American equipment as the US will do what ever it can to conceal facts and prevent the truth coming out.

And what of News International's role in this. A few weeks ago, when the US was being slightly less difficult in releasing information to the coroner investigating the death at US hands of Matty Hull, a News International newspaper released the transcript of the US pilot's radio communications and also released the video of the incident on the internet. Now, it appears that another arm of Rupert Murdoch's News International empire has video footage of the incident that led to the eight British deaths, but is not , in this case, releasing the information. Hypocrites ?

It seems no matter who sucks up to George W Bush, be it "yo Blair" or Gordon Brown, the US couldn't give a damn about helping a friend or allowing the facts to come out. They always say the first casualty of war is truth. How very true.

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