What does the Tory offer over Greg Dyke say about the Tories ?

It was revealed today that Greg Dyke had been approached by the Tories to run as a candidate for London Mayor. He told the Conservatives that he would think about it, but only if he could stand as an independent with Tory and Lib Dem backing. the Tories apparently agreed to this, but the Lib Dems did not.

The question is, what does this say about the Tories hopes of winning with a candidate of their own.

To my mind this smacks of desperation when you are willing to withdraw your candidate in favour of an independent.It also casts a shadow over claims that the Tories can beat Ken Livingstone. If they felt they could beat Ken with their own candidate, they wouldn't withdraw in favour of anyone else. I could understand a minor party or a third placed party wanting to save face and withdraw under such conditions, but the Tories ?

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