Lost Greens ?

Whilst driving through a village in Broadland today I noticed a "Vote Green" poster.

What's odd about that ? There is no Green candidate standing in the ward or anywhere even very close to that ward.


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Don't be silly, Nich, they were just recycling an old poster :-)

Starls said...

There's loads near where I live (expected really in a largely student area).

I did raise an eyebrow tho that sitting outside the house (in an inner city part of Norwich I hasten to add) with a 'Vote Green' poster was a very large 4x4 car!

A bit hypocritical I think!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Greens hypocritical ? Surely some mistake ?

If students had any idea what the Green Party's policies would mean to them they'd run a mile.