Labour upset over Council advertising just ten days before the elections

Labour are, according to the Eastern Daily Press, up in arms over Breckland District Council running an advertising campaign just ten days before the local elections. The campaign highlights the virtues and policies of the Tory run council.

Just to add balance, does anyone else know of any other councils that do this with tax payers money ?


dizzy said...

Yes. Greenwich (Labour controlled for 35 years) did it last year. They put out their "Council" newspaper telling us all how great the Borough was. Their argument was that they didn't mention councillors so it wasn't political. The Tory Council should be ashamed of themselves for doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Residents' Association controlled Epsom and Ewell has put out a glossy magazine promoting the council (e.g. the supposedly low council tax) It's expensive and blatant, but they just don't care because they're in control.

Anonymous said...

Do what I did when my local Tory council did this... lodge an FOI request and ask how much is spent on the magazine/newspaper (be sure to ask how much is spent on distribution) in each of the last, say, four years. Then advertise this figure when you get it. It really gives the story meat.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Labour are doing this right now in Nottingham City. The 'five great things' or whatever it is they are advertising are also EXACTLY mirrored in their local election blurb, word for word. However, I think they have been pulled up on this.