Labour beat the scientists to it

Scientists have explained that they may be able to invent an invisibility cloak in the future.

I was under the impression that the Labour Party had already invented one. They have loads of non-entity MP's whose names appears mysteriously in Hansard, but nobody (not even Iain Dale) knows who they are and nobody seems to see them, whilst locally, Labour seem to have been using their invisibility cloaks really well as they have the lowest number of candidates ever for local elections in this area.


Anonymous said...

any Labour candidates in North Norfolk at all? Terry

Norfolk Blogger said...

14 to fight 48 seats, I have to say I have had nothing to do with North Norfolk's elections this year. I am helping in Broadland (where I live) and am a candidate in a highly unwinnable seat in Broadland where there are no Labour candidates, two Lib Dems, one Tory and one who claims to be independent, but the fact that the Tories have only put one candidate would indicate otherwise.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

It'll be funny if you win! :-)