A good reason to vote Ukip ?

More nepotism in French politics, more corruption in French politics and also a former senior EU official involved too, so reports say (see below).

I'm well known in the Lib Dems locally for my outspoken Euro scepticism (showing you can be Euro sceptic and Lib Dem), but I'm sure people reading THIS story would consider Ukip, although I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

...and UKIP are whiter than white - nothing dodgy going on there - move on plaes (but please don,t mention Tome Wise, dodgy accounts, MEP expenses etc etc etc...)

Rob said...

I think Nick was trying to point out that it was a reason to loathe Europe, although he stated clearly he didn't think it is a reason to vote Ukip. I read it as being a question.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, anonynous, you are completely right. Ukip have shown themselves to be thoroughly useless at representing people and instead argue amongst themselves and get involved in the scandals you highlight.

Anonymous said...

Time to join the Conservatives, Nich. How could you possibly vote for a party headed by Andrew Duff (by name and by nature!)?

CityUnslicker said...

Norfolk, to be anti-euro and lib dem. Blimey.

How about and anti-union labour voter?

Or an anti-capitalist Tory?

I think you may soon have wider disagreements with your party in the near future, they will only wrap themselves in the stars of Europe more in the future.

AM said...

Respect your opinion but the European development bank is not an EU institution - in fact the largest shareholder is the US.