Clear evidence of Labour's health bias towards Labour held seats

The Eastern Daily Press has reported that Great Yarmouth and Waveney Primary Care Trust has been given £7 million by the government to help it out of its financial black hole. However Norfolk PCT has not been awarded anything because it's debts exceed £7 million.

What is interesting about this is that it shows a clear Labour bias because Great Yarmouth and Waveney has 100% representation at Westminster by Labour MP's, whereas Norfolk PCT is covered by seven MP's, of which only two are Labour.

Labour claim to show no health bias even though the bulk of A & E closures announced by the government were in non Labour seats. Now there is clear evidence of a bias towards Labour held seats getting bonuses for their PCT's as well.

I hope the voters are made fully aware of this before Thursday's elections.


Dr Rant said...

A clear example of Gerrymandering type behaviour.

Norfolk joins a growing list....

Dr Rant said...

Another clear example of Gerrymandering?

80% of new build capital investment going into Labour constituencies?

Surely not!

Leo said...

Brent Council, a former Labour stronghold, now under the control of a Lib Dem-Tory coalition since last May's elections, is coincidentally now facing £40 million of cuts to its Primary Care Trust.

Just fancy that?