Apathy about local elections isn't helped by apathetic or even pathetic reporting

However, the big question for me is would apathy be less if the BBC actually chose not to be so apathetic in its reporting of local elections ?

For starters, the site I was referred too has a list of councils holding elections in the East but a quick look through the list highlights three councils alone in Norfolk that are holding elections but are not on the list. What would a voter in Broadland, North Norfolk or South Norfolk think as they have elections but are not on the list ?

The other question for the BBC ought to be about the overall reporting of local government, Apart from scandals, reporting of things that local councils are doing is scant and barely ever makes even the regional news.

Shouldn't the BBC's local news centres be making more of an effort to find out what is going on inside council chambers ? Why are local elections only important to the BBC for two days each year ?

In the meantime, I am pleased the BBC are paying at least some interest this year, but they shouldn't try and explain apathy to us when their reporting about local elections is at best apathetic and at worst, truly pathetic.

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Neal said...

There have been numerous scandals involving councils in Norfolk (Breckland comes to mind even this week) and the local BBC have said not one word about it. Perhaps the lack of reporting of local council things makes people believe they are not important.