Another example of the EU's grubby hands where they shouldn't be

The BBC and other news sources have reported the all party concern about the EU's attempt to use the Bologna process to gain some control of all EU Universities.

Despite the utterly vacuous Minister Bill Rammel admitting that there has been some "mission creep" in the way the EU is using the Bologna process, he seems to see no problem.

To my mind, and I know this is what most people tell me, this is the sort of thing that gives the EU a bad name. yes, having a process by which university degrees are universally recognised across Europe is great, but there are more important things for the EU to be concerned about.

What about standardising road safety laws so that Polish lorry drivers are expected to be able to drive lorries that conform to basic safety standards and ensuring that their driving test is as stringent as those in the UK ? This is a matter of safety and therefore is a priority. But no, ensuring safety or an even playing field is far less important that EU bureacrats trying to grab control of something that should not concern them.

The EU sticking its nose in to controlling universities as just another example of EU politicians trying to make themselves more important than they are.

I like Europeans, I just don't like EU bureaucrats.

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IanP said...

Its about controlling the 'next generations'. Get em young, they belong to us. Indoctrinate and condition for the European State.