What would have got the police interested ?

The tragic case featured so prominently today in the news about the death of Peter Woodhams brings in to sharp focus just how little support ordinary members of the public get from the police when there are issues of serious anti social behaviour.

Months before Mr Woodhams death, he was almost fatally stabbed by a teenager. It appears, that the police did next to nothing, refuse to properly investigate the case, and refused to follow up evidence provided to them about who the attacker was. Read about it HERE.

Just weeks later, he was shot dead by another teenager, who was also part of another group perpetrating misery on local people in the area where Mr Woodhams lived.

What would have got the police interested at all in carrying out a proper investigation ?

I bet if Mr Woodhams had attacked the teenager, the police would have been all over him like a rash.

The problem might be that law, wish is on the side of the yob, the thug and the abuser. But whilst the police shy away from taking on those thugs and standing up for ordinary people, and instead seek to persecute those people who have to take it upon themselves to defend their community or property, there will be many more Peter Woodhams.

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Tristan said...

The target culture means that they're more likely to investigate things which are easy to clear up...