Tesco - Why pay more ? Doh !

This is a little scale model of a Tesco oil tanker, but importantly, it carries the same message on the side as the real Tesco oil tankers. "Why pay more ?"
Um, it surely doesn't need a rocket scientist or diagrams to answer that question does it ?


Dave Stevens said...

Is Tesco 'Oil Tankers' rhyming slang for the Tesco bosses ?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Wankers? (-:

I hate Tesco - think they're greedy (representing the ugly face of capitalism), have crap products and attract unsavoury customers.

Am a big Sainsbury's fan!

Neil Welton said...

I think I have found an alternative answer to "Why pay more?". Is it - "I want to because my car will then work."