Something for us all to aspire to, apparently !

According to the press release on the e-politics website HERE, we should all aspire to be more like Boris.

“Boris certainly had us rolling in the isles with his easy relaxed style. Other politicians should aspire to putting over their ideas with such good humour”, said local MP Angela Watkinson.

(shouldn't it have been aisles not isles ? )

So come on everybody, let's be more like Boris ?

- Personally, most politicians never had a penchant for trashing restaurants as Boris would have been expected to do in his Bullingdon Club days at University.
- A good proportion of politicians actually like their partners and wouldn't want to be a serial adulterers, like Boris.
- I like my politicians to be good at being MP's, not stand up comics.

So perhaps I would urge people to be less like Boris.


Susanne said...

Don't be such a stuffed shirt

Anonymous said...

Would that be a tailor made very expensive saville row tailored shirt that the Bullingdon boys would have worn when they trashed restaurants or a cheap one from M & S ?