Richard Madeley and Rubbish - Words that now have another reason to go together

Richard and Judy this teatime featured Richard Madeley in a rant over council's having fortnightly rubbish collections.

I am still at a loss as to the reason why. My parents have had fortnightly collections in Broadland (where I now live) for four years whilst other councils across the country have done so for many years also without people in those areas having too many problems. Of course, there is a problem when you can't be bothered to split your waste between ordinary waste and recycling. Perhaps this is Richard Madeley's problem.

He then had a rant about the French having "Daily rubbish collections". Firstly Richard, how unfriendly is that for the environment ? Wasted petrol, fumes, etc, and something that clearly is not needed whilst to my knowledge. Daily refuse collections would add about 50% to the average council tax bill. The average District council spends arounf 10-15% of its annual budget on refuse collections, and this is for fortnighly alterantive collections. Multiply this 10-15% by five or six times, and we can all see this would cost an astronomical sum for council tax payers. I'm sure with Richard Madeley's millions, he is happy to pay all that extra council tax, but the rest of us aren't just so he can be self indulgent in throwing away all his waste on a daily basis.
As a former reporter you would expect Richard Madeley to have some understanding of the issues and the financial implications. It appears, however, that he hasn't, which speaks volumes about him.

Richard Madeley's ideas on refuse collection are like a new phone in quiz "He says, but we have to pay"

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