Norwich City have turned the corner

Well done to Norwich, winning two away games on the trot, scoring three goals in each game, and seeing the club pull away from relegation worries.

Obviously, this decent run needs to continue, but a real highlight of the recent run has been the discovery of young Chris Martin, a product of Norwich's youth setup, who has now scored four goals in recent weeks, with three in the last three games.

Norwich have in recent weeks liked to manager Peter Grant, but unlike previous manager Nigel Worthington, Grant has been willing to give youth a chance, and it is paying dividends.


Matt Marshall said...

I went up to Norwich today, visited the small exhibition surrounding The Forum. Not bad I must say. I do love the city, though there has been an increase in litter in some parts!

I semi-support the Football Club, to the full extent that I watch football. Might go and watch a match there sometime.

Anonymous said...


I was using google to try and find the truly superb picture - rare as it is, of St Delia wearing Ipswich Town colours from head to toe. I'm sure you are aware of the picture...if so, please put it on your blog tomorrow and I promise I'll vote Lib Dem in the next election.

James Robbins

Norfolk Blogger said...

Yes, I've seen the picture. Do you know the xontext of it ? She was asked to wear the scarf by Anglia TV for a montage shot of people in the region wishing Ipseich well in the FA Cup. How magnanimous.

I don't have the photo. Sorry.