Name dropping

I'm nbot usually one to name drop, but I'll have a go today.

Last night I had a drink with the Lithuanian Ambassador, who is also touted as being future leader of Lithuania. He was attending with my good friend Richard Stephenson (he of the Westminster Challenge Charity) a function in Norwich, and as they were staying literally ten minutes walk away from me, it was a good excuse to catch up with Richard.

I tend to think I can chat to anyone about anything, and I was pleased that my studying of East European and Baltic politics had not gone to waste and he seemed to appreciate that I at least knew where Lithuania was and something of its history.

I gather when he was Ambassador to the USA, he used to know Condoleeza Rice well, so I'd like to think that by mixing with me, he really has gone up in the world. After all, unlike Condi, at least I was elected (and remain councillor for another six weeks !).

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