Message Received "Thank you for coming to Britain. Please would you leave now ?"

The Home Office's new "hard hitting" plans to deal with migrant workers whose visas have run out includes sending them a text message.

Ooh, scary ! They'll be little unable to control their bowel movements when they get a text message.

Perhaps, if text messages are SO effective, SO hard hitting and SO persuasive, we should send one to Iran asking them to stop their nuclear programme ?


Jonny Wright said...

Haha, very good!

Your jokes are better than Sir Ming's - maybe you have a career as a speechwriter?

Anonymous said...

I almost fell out of my bed laughing when I head about it on the Today programme.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I make good speeches at council meetings. The only problem was last time I spoke I got more the loudest cheers from the Tories. I thought I must have done something horribly wrong.

Neil Welton said...

Typical of this Government. The spin doctors were properly spinning themselves into ecstasy with the thought of this news headline: Government Tells Immigrants 'Go Home'. Sick, twisted and, of course, nothing will come of it.