Iain Dale and hypocrisy

Yesterday Iain Dale posted THIS story about Stephen Timms and his fundraising dinners. Today, a much bigger story HERE was in the press about David Cameron and treating fundraisers to perks in his office and from Iain, a deathly silence.

Come on Iain, you describe yourself as a "commentator". Even commentaters comment on things they don't like.

Don't ever take up sports commentary or we'd never hear when your team loses.

P.S. Lib Dem Voice have also taken the issue up HERE.


Iain Dale said...

You know, I don't let political opponents dictate what I write on my blog. I have commented on it in a Comments thread. And by the way, it's spelled hypocrisy...as a LibDem you ought to know how to spell the word!

Please do point me to your posts on Michael Brown. Can't seem to find them on your blog. Funny that.

Shall we call it a score draw?!

jimS said...

Did I miss the fact that a Govt Minister charging for their time is a lot different to an opposition MP?

Charging people for access to Govt ministers to benefit the party coffers is just plain wrong and is a much more serious "crime".

And then there is cash for peerages...

Rob said...

My view on this is we're bloggers, not newspapers - a blog represents a particular individual's personal viewpoint - if they don't want to blog something, then that's that!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Iain, I have posted on the subject of Micael Brown, you have even posted a comment to my blog about it before.

The firewall I am going through never lets me have access to past postings to search, but I will later.

The thing is Iain, if you want to maintain credibility, you have to be seen to post on important stories like the one on Cameron as well as more minor ones like Stephen Timms, though god knows why anyone would want to spend any time with Timms at all. He reminds me of the old movie image of a labotomised patient.

Norfolk Blogger said...


To answer your specific point, I talk about the £2.4 million in two postings on the subject of Party funding and not as you have done in comments to other stories. The first was

and also


So, using your football parlance, we'll call that 3-0 to me ! Certainly I am showing more political balance than you give me credit for.

Iain Dale said...

Yes, you mention it, but not in any meaningful way. Interestingly Rob Fenwick of libDem Voice agrees with my stance on this. He says we are all partisan and no one should pretend to be independent. I certainly have never pretended to be independent. We are not Newsblogs.

Norfolk Blogger said...

"Not in any meaningful way" What ever is that supposed to mean ? Come on Iain, I mention the subject of party funding and I mention the £2.4 million and Brown.

You could easily have written a more general story about use of parliament by MP, about clearer guidelines (because there are a lot of grey areas) and have mentioned Cameron as part of this. It could even have been written as a defence of Cameron ? Think what sort of seat that could have got you ;-)