Barack Obama has a William Hague moment

Barack Obama, it appears, has been caught out in his attempts to portray himself as a "normal", slightly "rebellious" teenager.

A few months ago he described his teenage drug taking, which at the time saw a ratings surge as he appeared to be an ordinary person, with ordinary faults, who could make a link with the poor and repressed in American society. Now, it appears, that people who knew him in this period of his life are at a loss to recognise the person he described. They don't remember his drug taking, they are confused by his explanations and they certainly don't remember a rebel.

The Telegraph reports on it HERE, but it is does appear, than in an attempt to sell himself to the public at large he has made the same mistake as William Hague when he claimed "I use to drink fourteen pints".

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Scott said...

Good! The last thing we need is another "ordinary person" sitting in the Oval Office, Commander -n- Chief of the most powerful millitary the world has ever seen.