Another shocking Labour NHS Statistic - Deaths during birth up by 21%

The Independent reports another shocking statistic that is as a result of this government's weird priorities when it comes to the NHS.

Despite throwing millions of pounds at waiting lists, cutting waiting times for a number of non critical procedures, there is a shortage of midwives, leading to an increase in the death rate of mothers giving birth.

"There has been a rise of 21 per cent in deaths of pregnant women in the care of NHS maternity services. Deaths over the past three years now total 391, up one fifth on the comparable period, and 17,000 women have suffered physical harm while on labour wards.", says The Independent.

Another statistic to be ignored, no doubt, but the paper makes clear we need 10,000 extra midwives. Put that on the list of things for your "legacy" Mr Blair !

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Anonymous said...

How can anyone who is a Labour supporter or member be proud of something like this ?