Norwich leading the way with totally "free" wi-fi

Channel Four did an interesting piece for the news last night about free wi-fi in Norwich.

Norwich is leading the way in providing wi-fi, but unlike other councils, including many Lib Dem ones, Norwich is pioneering completely free wi-fi, with no costs, hidden charges or fees. They are using a slightly slower speed Broadband so as not to be a direct competitor to super fast broadband speed wi-fi operators, but the service provided is suitable for internet browsing, e-mail, even music downloading and some video downloads.

It is nice to see Norwich leading the way, and particularly good that Norwich is going along the free route, allowing people to share in the technology, not charging them for it.

The is also a nice report HERE, which is about three minutes long, explaining how it all works. But interestingly for me also, as my brother (who works in I.T. pointed out to me, he appears in the reports for about 1 second, near the end, stirring a coffee.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame other will not follow Norwich's example by making it free.

David Allen said...

Interesting that what plays as a great democratisation of the Web in Norwich would be seen so differently elsewhere: our local press (then again it is North London, spiritual home of moaners and misguided do-gooders)seems more concerned that Wi-Fi will fry the brains of lickle children. This is a new concern for neurotic middle class mums to add to their concern with mobile phonemasts. You'd think they would have better things to do _ like ferrying Emma to the ballet in the 4X4.