Norman Baker "The most hated man in parliament ?" asks the Independent

The Independent has a nice little piece on Norman Baker, in the wake of his questioning revealing MP's travel expenses.

The Independent asks how popular he will be with other MP's when they return after the recess. However, the Indie also gives a very fair evaluation of the excellent work Norman Baker has done since being elected, his exposure of scandals, his prime role in Mandelson's fall from grace and his use of the Freedom of Information Act to obtain other important information.

There are those who attack Norman Baker for "wasting tax payers money by asking pointless questions", but they forget that it is an important part of being an MP, particularly an opposition MP, to question the government, making use of all means and methods available.

What price can we put on democracy. Well done Norman and keep it up !


Anonymous said...

He is often criticised by the Tories for doing the things that THEY ought to be doing, as the official oppostion.

The Tories hate the Lib Dems using the words "shadow" for their spokesmen, but the problem is that the Tories own "shadows" are simply not doing the proper shadowing.

The only one who is any good is the homeland security guy, and he has no-one to shadow.

Anonymous said...

Pass me the sick bag, anonymous.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I guess your sickness is induced by the fact that anonymous is right. The Tories with all their extra MP's don't seem to have uncovered anything like as much as Norman Baker has.

Anonymous said...

Are you forgetting Richard Bacon?