NHS staff forced to but their own stationery

Staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn have been told by their "turn around team" that the trust will not be buying any stationery. This is already leading to staff having to subsidise the hospital by buting their own stationery.

For all those who do not know the "turn around team" is a team who dod the government's bidding by attempting to ruduce budget defecits, not in the most painless way, but the quickest way possible.

So what next for Kings Lynn residents in the government's search to sort out the black hole they have left the health service finances in ? Perhaps a meter in the ambulance, like a tax, that charges by the mile or a range of really sharp clean scalpels for people who pay extra, and dirty old ones for people who don't ?

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Anonymous said...

Why not? Having worked in the NHS, albeit briefly, an enormous amount seemed to be spent on stationery, which often ended up being taken by staff (almost certainly inadvertently). At the end of the day, if staff bringing in pens saves some money is that necessarily a bad thing? Having staff work together to turn the debt around seems like a good idea to me.