More road signs, more bureacracy, more council expenditure ... One Tory' MP's plan for Britain

Andrew Rossindell, that very bastion (I think I've used the right word) of everything that the Tory grassroots thinks the party should be, has come up with a plan.

He wants every council to be "mandated" to put up more signs that give the ancient and historic names of places, even if those names are no longer used. Quite why the people of St Albans would want to go to Verulam or why Londinium should appear on road signs, I do not know, but with council expenditure being squeezed more and more, surely there are better things to be spending council tax payers money on rather than unwanted road signs ?

Such is the plethora of safety signs and notices by the side of the road, many areas, including beautiful parts of the North Norfolk coast that I know well are littered with signs, spoiling views and actually creating something of a nuisance.

Much like Mr Rossindell, this is something we could all do without.

Read the full story HERE.


Tristan said...


Unfortunately no more bizarre than some things which emanate from LibDem MPs at time though :(

Politicians often say really bizarre things which are designed to appeal to a small group...

Steve said...

Rossindell is full of it though.