Fiona Jones, ex MP for Newark, found dead

The ex Labour MP for Newark, better known for her conviction for overspending at the 1997 election, which was later quashed, has been found dead. There are no suspicious circumstances.

Read about it HERE.

P.S. For a really good article on this sad story which shows real sympathy for Fiona Jones and her family, especially in relation to rather sensationalist reporting in the News of the World, read Paul Walter's blog HERE.


Justin said...

49 is no age, is it? She became a Labour MP is a tradionally strong Conservative area, so her friends and family should be proud of her -even though her stint in Parliament wasn't a very long one.

Praguetory said...

Bit of a sledgehammer obituary, old chap.

Norfolk Blogger said...

To Mr Anonymous who posted some interesting things about how Labour treat their female MP's. You included allegations about Labour candidates without providing links to back up your assertions (they may be true, but I'm not going to risk being sued if you are not going to provide the links in your posting), thus meaning I caould not publish what you said.

If you'd like to post again without the allegations, I'll publish it, oh, and why not use your name ?

Anonymous said...

People just don't get it; Alcoholism is a terminal disease,you get it and if untreated you die, that is what terminal means, the end, fini! Sad but true.
Donna in Canada

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mercer, rejected the allegations of a smear campaign and insisted he was fighting a "clean" campaign.

Fiona said: "The Tories have been asking people on the doorstep if they knew their MP had been arrested on several occasions. It's very damaging. I was never arrested and the court case was dismissed by the Court of Appeal." Fiona wrote to Newark Conservatives to complain.

Patrick Mercer said: “I have made no form of personal attack.”

Commenting on an endorsement of Mrs Fiona Jones MP by Labour Party members for her to stand at the next General Election, Mr Mercer said: "I hope she will have a little bit more confidence to do her job properly as she seems to break appointments, to snub people and refuse to answer telephone calls and letters.

Let us hope in a year's time we get the result she richly deserves and we richly deserve, because if she cannot do the job properly, I know someone who can."

This Christian lady was done up like a Christmas turkey

Let us all hope that in the time to come we get the result he so very richly deserves and we so richly deserve!!

Anonymous said...

A good article on the final years Fiona's life can be found here...

Times Online

I notice a Lib or Lab Anon comment attempting to gain some political advantage out of this tragedy. It's worth noting that all parties have cause for regret here. Not least the Lib Dems for bringing the original, finally rejected, accusation of election fraud.

However, ultimately she had a chronic condition, one that made her unable to handle the pressure she was put under by her Labour colleagues.

The question is, should anyone have to put up with this kind of bullying and neglect? Even if they are MPs, they are still people with the same problems that you and I suffer in our normal working lives. If I was treated like her my employers would be liable for any health problems occurring as a result of their neglect.