BBC Bias ?

Interesting little report, or so I thought, entitled "What makes young leafleters tick ?", at last, a nice story asking why young people get involved in helping political parties.

Wrong ! In fact it is an advert about why young Tories get involved in helping the Conservative party. It includes no balance at all, no information on young Labour or Lib Dem activists, just goes on about David Cameron.

I think the BBC is great, but this is crap, shoddy and lazy journalism at its worst.


Karen said...

I saw that too! I thought it was going to be an interesting article but it was just about young tories!

Steevo said...

With due respect you should reassess defining any efforts by BBC as shoddy and lazy. Most likely it is bias, and intentional. There is so very much exposed concerning their agenda. Here are just 2 links you may be interested in:



Neil Welton said...

"What makes young leafleters tick?" Simple it is - "Deliver my leaflets or I will ensure you will progress nowhere in the party." Ooops, have I taken this question too seriously?

Anonymous said...

This might interest you ...