Why I missed tonight's full council meeting

I cannot believe how many things clashed for me tonight.

I had to go to the local high school to have a meeting with them about children transferring to their school from ours at the end of the year (teatime), followed then by out school production, which also clashed with my five-a-side team playing our third league fixture and also , the full council meeting in Cromer.

Having decided that the welfare of the children came first, I decided that I had to go to the transfer meeting and then the school performance. I doubt my vote would have altered anything tonight, but it is always a regret that I cannot make a meeting. I take my council duties very seriously still, even though I no longer live in my ward.

Still, my team drew 3-3 without me and I got to see out wonderful school concert. Not such a bad day, but I need some sleep now !

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