Why are stupid people obsessed with going on TV to show people how stupid they are ?

No, this isn't another Big Brother story, although the title could equally apply to Big Brother. No, in this case, it is just an example of the stupidity of people that I have just witnessed on the satellite channel "Bravo".

In some poorly edited "World's worst top ten holidays from hell ever" type program, presented by the equally awful Tara (I'm battling out with Jade Goody to be the least talented person on TV) Palmer-Tompkinson, I was furious with anger at what one man had to say.

This man, who was furious with his tour operator, moaned that he went to Sri Lanka, not knowing of the ongoing civil war and terrorism their that has been happening for over 20 years, and got caught up in some sort of terrorist action.

So, let me get this straight, this man went to a country with a civil war and terrorism, took his whole family, then moans about the civil war and terrorism. Then he goes on TV as if it isn't his fault. It is your fault. The war was no secret. Just do a search under the words "Civil war terrorism and Sri Lanka" on Yahoo and you'll see for yourself.

Words of advice for everyone. Countries with wars on in them are DANGEROUS. Countries without wars on are SAFE. That's a tip from Norfolk Blogger for you free of charge.

Sorry. End of rant.


Anonymous said...

relly goode idear to prooof reed you're heding if u r kalling peple stuupid ass u mite looke a bite sillie if y mak a misteak!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Good point. To be fair, the spellchecker does not cover the headings, but that is no excuse. However, I would say, be brave, leave a name.