UPDATE - What is going on in Breckland ?

The ongoing saga of behind closed doors meetings and a perceived unwillingness to tell the whole story in Breckland is still continuing. Read the latest HERE.

I've written about this before HERE, but this all makes fascinating reading.

Now local people are saying they will not pay there council tax until Breckland Council owns up to what is going on.

There are always rumours about council cover up in which ever council area you live and under what ever party runs a council, but this one seems to be going on and on. The best way to answer it would be for the council to be as open as possible, but with confidentiality agreements signed, it is difficult.

We had a similar problem with a confidentiality agreement in North Norfolk where the council had done nothing wrong, but had signed an agreement which meant when informaiton was requested, it could not be given. We moved heaven and earth to get round this, which we did, to show full transparency and show people we had done nothing wrong.

My advice to Breckland would be to avoid wherever possible, confidentiality agreements, like the plague. The public don't liek them, and I don't blame them.

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Justin said...

Why not find out by using the FoI Act (first published in the post below in error)?