A tale from middle England

Let me tell you a true story.

A multi agency meeting is held between a Parish Council, the District Council, the County Council, local schools, the police and the youth service. The meeting is held to discuss what the parish can do to provide proper facilities and activities for the youths of the village. The youths of the village are also invited to the meeting to make their point. Whilst the meeting is being held at the school in the village, four of the youths go in to another part of the school and trash one of the classrooms, and I do mean trash it.

What are the police doing ? What is the police officer who was at the meeting doing ? The youths have been identified (by a teacher at the meeting), but it is being left to the school to take action. The police appear not to be interested.

What message does this send out ? And all this in a quiet Norfolk village. Who knows if anthing will be done for the youths in this village now, but the question is, will any council want to do anything for the sensible youths if the police are not willing to take action against those that have acted like hooligans ?

Modern Britain is a disturbed place.

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Steve said...

Which village ? Do tell.

The problem is that a lot or rural police don't really care. It is only when you get a really good one that you realise what can be achieved.