The slow death of UKIP England ...

They always say you've never really made it as a political party until you've got factions, and I guess UKIP thought they'd had all that with Veritas (who ?).

Now the BBC reports that 120 members in Plymouth are set to quit. Read the story HERE.

Has UKIP had its day ? What is clear is that when the Tories have "talked up" Europe in the past, it actually has the effect of turning voters off the Tories and on to UKIP. Now that Cameron has taken the sensible decision to avoid discussing the EU, the oxygen of publicity has been removed from UKIP.

I guess they hang on and will win a few less seats at the next Euro elections, but I think this is another nail in the coffin. It's not the beginning of the end (the Whole Kilroy-Silk thing takes that title), I just think the end will drag on for some time.


Tom Papworth said...

As long as the three main parties are all in favour of remaining part of the EU there will always be room for some anti-European party to stagger along.

I imagine it depends largely on having one or more big backers to finance a campaign. Mainly (like with Goldsmith) it'll be a millionaires ego-trip.

Anonymous said...

who has said that ukip has had its day, ukip is an active party and intends to campaign for what it beleives in, whereas with the other parties who jump on any band wagon ukip has stuck to its pledges from the start.

Admitted ukip at the moment does not do well at elections but think back a few years people were saying a vote for the Liberals was a wasted vote now look at them, so dont write ukip off yet.

Tabman said...

Indeed - it appears there's life in the old dog yet!

UKIP@HOME said...


The United Kingdom Independence Party like to trot out the misleading story that they were responsible for losing the Conservatives 27 seats during the 2005 General Election.

Using the same sort of UKIP logic then I would like to claim that the Conservatives caused UKIP to lose 451 election deposits - costing UKIP £225,500.00.

If people had voted UKIP instead of Conservative, then UKIP would have gained more votes and kept all those lost deposits.

I do hope any potential UKIP donors like seeing their money vanish down a black hole. You might as well use your cash for toilet paper for all the good it will do!