Short corners. Why do footballers take them ?

Having returned from seeing Norwich lose 1-0 at home to Wolves, I feel rather bemused by what I've seen.

Firstly, Norwich played probably the best football I have seen them play in two years, and lost to a team that had three shots in the whole match, which is what happened when they lost to Plymouth 3-1 two weeks ago.

Secondly, why do footballers take short corners ? Norwich were obsessed with them tonight. Surely the opportunity of a "free cross" in to the box is enough of an option to take without pointless short corners that amount to nothing.

Any football fans here remember their team scoring from a short corner ? No, thought not.


Ed said...

We are doomed. I thought it was bad enough that we could be playing in the same league as Scunthorpe next season but now it looks like they could be in the league ABOVE us...

Norfolk Blogger said...

I don't think we will go down. I thought Norwich played superbly yesterday, we just needed someone to finish each move, although the Wolves goalkeeper pulled off about four stunning saves.