The perfect birthday gift for a man

Ever wondered what happens to old fighter jets that have come to the end of their shelf life ?

They get sold for £7500 each. Read about it HERE.

The Eastern Daily Press has a nice little story about how old Jaguary GR3 fighter bombers based formerly at RAF Coltishall in North Norfolk can be bought for a snip.

With my birthday on Sunday, my wife asked me only yesterday if there was anything I wanted. Now I realise what I want for my birthday, where am I going to put it ?


Tabman said...

And it only costs £10k to fill the tank!

Do you think Prescott will want two? ;o)

If you'd actually like to fly one, albeit of a slightly older vintage, check out: http://www.incredible-adventures.com/capetown.html

peter said...

I know an ex Jaguar pilot. He had to eject three times after engines blew up, and a fourth after a trigger happy RAF Phantom pilot shot him down. I don't think anyone is meant to know about that.

Kate said...

Now thats a really unique but slightly expensive gift to wish for. But nevertheless, I love the daredevil idea.
Drop into my blog for some amazing birthday gift ideas.

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Very Cool, I think my Dad would love one. I wonder if they ship UPS to the States?