My best birthday presents

It is my birthday today (no, I am not saying it in order to get lots of people congratulating me), but I wanted to share with people what has been so good about my day.

1) Not having to go to work.
2) Getting an Everton away top with "Nich" and the number "36" on the back (my age)
3) Everton winning 2-0 away against Wigan.
4) Finally going to see Casino Royale at the cinema
5) Spending all day with my wife.

What more could a man ask for ?


Jonny Wright said...

Happy birthday, all the very best!

(I know you claim you didn't post this in search of millions of well-wishers, but hey ...)

Norfolk Blogger said...

I genuinely didn't, but thanks anyway. I thought I did enough whinging on this blog, I thought for once I should write about me being happy for once !

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday old man!

6) You forgot to mention a vist from your favourite brother ;0)

Justin said...

A belated Happy Birthday.

Enjoy watching this clip!


Norfolk Blogger said...

Anonymous, who said my favourite brother came round. My brother James never came to see me ;-)