MPs condemn BBC TV show "The baby Borrowers"

The Eastern Daily Press reports that local MP's in Norfolk have united in condemnation of a BBC Three fly on the wall documentary "The Baby Borrowers", to be screened over the next few days. Read the EDP report HERE.

The premise of the show is to allow teenagers and youngsters to be put on the position of looking after other people's children, and by this it means young and older children, some with physical and other handicaps, to see how well they cope.

Norfolk MPs Richard Bacon (Conservative - South Norfolk) and Norman Lamb (Lib Dem - North Norfolk) have both made it clear that they deplore license fee payers money being spent on this project, to be filmed in Norwich, whilst a wide range of charities and other groups that care for the disabled and children have also rounded on the BBC.

The BBC have done little to cover themselves in glory either with the excuses they have given. The BBC claimed the Charity "Teens and Toddlers" was acting as a consultant to ensure the subject matter was “handled with sensitivity”. However, "Teens and Toddlers" denied playing any part in the show. The charity's Director Peter Hein said they felt “uncomfortable" when asked if they would get involved. “We were not sure about the supervision and professionalism of those involved.“We didn't get enough details. We declined to be involved further.”

I hope the BBC will be brave enough to take action against those who propagate lies. To claim falsely that a charity is involved when they no they are not is shocking !

On Wednesday, the EDP revealed that Norfolk's child protection chiefs had called for the show to be axed after being refused access to the filming.

Personally, I am all for pushing the boundaries of television, but this is gross irresponsibility by the BBC. Would a school be allowed to act this way ? Putting teenagers in charge of children with no scrutiny from social services and lies, lies and more lies from the BBC staff in charge. It does not give me confidence.

P.S. Part of the original posting has been altered after being contacted by Lauren Donaldson, one of the teens to feature in the series. I still have severe doubts about the series, but it should not reflect on those teens involved in the filming who were, no doubt, doing the best job they could and in no way wanted to do any harm to the children in their care. 7/1/07


Steve said...

Your "love in" with the BBC has now ended then has it Nick ?

Anonymous said...

the 13 year old boy you are refering to was not 'removed' he wanted to leave on his own accord! so please got your information right before publishing it on the internet! many thanks lauren donaldson ( teen who looked after jack )

Norfolk Blogger said...

Lauren, thanks for your comments, which have been noted and led to an ammendment to the original article. Also not the P.S. at the bottom of the article. I hope this clarifies the matter.

Lauren Donaldson said...

thankyou for amending your comments, Lauren Donaldson

Anonymous said...

What most people don't know is that one of the parents is none other than Dr Julian Beezhold, a local Consultant Psychiatrist. Wouldn't you have thought a doctor - indeed, a psychiatrist - would know better than to subject his own child to such an experiment?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I thought the programme was extremely sensitvely and maturely handled. Whilst at times it made for uncomfortable viewing, one never had the feeling that any of the children or elderly were being mistreated. In fact I am positive that there are plenty of parents of all ages who are extremely unfit the country over, and they aren't filmed as they do unspeakable damage to their charges in the course of their upbringing. It was one of the msot compelling pieces of television I've seen in ages, and the journeys that these young people undertook were astonishing.